MX-pro records Artists

Here I would like to introduce the artists I work with at my label. The MX-pro records artists are based all over the world and I am happy to work with the best of the best! My own music (Jørg) you can find here on my Artist home page
Below you can start listening to our music while you scroll through the page.

  1. New Way to Cry John Reneaud 3:34
  2. Darkness Falls Mad Wet Sea 4:04
  3. Soul-Strenght-Rising Thanos Art 6:11
  4. NEVER BORN Sherise 4:11
  5. You Wished This Day Had Never Come Ryan Neville 5:13
  6. Broken to complete Samuli Federley 4:45
  7. On the run Jørg 3:47
  8. Ocean The Autumnleaf 5:55

Ryan Neville, New Zealand

Ryan Neville
Ryan Neville

Born in Christchurch New Zealand, Ryan Neville has been entertaining for 25 years.
Having a huge appetite for Blues and its Colorful legacy, Ryan has with guitar in
hand, song in his back pocket been taking the world by storm..
7 original albums to his name, and songs such as “Paint the Sky Blue” have been gaining fans and radio play world wide.


Just a please working with Jorg at Mx pro records, nice to know a record label has your best interests at heart.

Sherise D’Souza, India

Sherise D'Souza
Sherise D’Souza

Sherise D’Souza is an award-winning dynamic vocalist, song-writer and live-performer! Known for her vocal prowess and her ability to make each song her own, no matter the genre, she recently won the third place award for ‚Female Vocalist of the Year‘ in the UK-Based Radio Wigwam Music Awards, 2022.


Working with Jørg is always a fabulous experience as he brings out the best in all his artistes and doesn’t stop till he reaches perfection! He always does his best to promote artistes in his label MX-Pro records with a lot of opportunities and ideas. His productions are absolutely awesome with true attention to detail and being an artiste with him, I continue to learn and grow with all his feedback and precise detailing.

Samuli Federley, Finland

Samuli Federley
Samuli Federley

Samuli Federley is a guitarist and a composer from Finland. He released 4 solo albums he toured with in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Korea and China. He combines various musical styles in his music such as pop, metal, classical and electronical into a unique form which is performed in a virtuostic and energetic manner. Samuli has been performing with such legends as Steve Vai, Michael Monroe and Michael Angelo Batio. He uses a customized 8 string guitar and is being elected as the fastest guitarist in Finland.


It’s been truly great working with mx-pro Records. They really take care of their artists and as an artist you won’t get buried under bigger acts. They take care of the music being recorded with delivering high quality mixing and mastering. With excellent contacts the music will reach a broad audience from all over the world.


Mad Wet Sea
Mad Wet Sea

Rock has become too polished, too commercialized, so we are looking to place our own brand of licks in the fire to rock the masses. We are Mad Wet Sea! Together, we are the Norse Gods and Brothers Ægir, Logi, and Kari, with our fire giant cousin Surtr, and we are here to rock humanity! Join us, and get rocked by the Sea!


Mad Wet Sea is proud to be associated with MX-Pro records. Jorg has a clear vision, is easy to work with,and a great guy! We are looking forward to what we create together

Thanos Art, Greece

Thanos Art, Mx-pro Artist from Greece

Thanos is basically guitar player and composer from Athens, Greece. He loves to compose long tracks up to 20 minutes each in the style of alternative, progressive Rock. But not only the very long, also shorter tracks in his very own chilling style you can find on his albums. He use to play all instruments by himself, recording it in studio sessions.


I’m very proud and thankful to be a part of the very perfect label MX-pro records – leaded by excellent musician and guitarist Jørg Klein.

John Reneaud, U.S.A.

John Reneaud

One of the MX-pro records Artists I want to introduce is my close Brother John, with whom I created some great pieces of music – The PLUTO GODs.
John Reneaud: Electric zenAltRock vibe… Sired in Detroit harmonized by the world. Vocalist and founding member of the Americana rock/blues band the Electric Shamans, also, a proud, card carrying member of the interplanetary rockers, the Pluto Gods.

The Autumnleaf, India

The Autumnleaf

The Autumnleaf was formed by school friends singer songwriter Jay and Drummer Manoj in the year 1991 and performed as a college band with a few friends in the initial year.

The band comes out of the southern state of India, Kerala creating their own version of Classic Rock with great melodies. They have a lot of clean guitar tones and harmonies with a few distorted chords here and there.

The band christened itself to the name when Suresh and Paul joined as guitarist and bassist in 1992. They created quite a few notable songs that were received well by the limited audience way back when India was slowly getting exposed to Rock music as a genre.

The band took a hiatus for 12 years in 1997 and again performed in 2009. Since then they have been creating music and occasionally performing to their dedicated audience across the globe. The Autumnleaf has its own sound which is very easily identifiable. They have time and again proved to be an act to be watched on. Their new single Ocean is hitting the digital stands on Sep 9 2022.